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Bringing Unlimited Possibilities to Your Bathroom Cabinet in Littleton, CO


You love the functionality your cabinets but are not so happy about how they look. Sure, you could shell out for new ones, but why do that when we can change their appearance for much less? N2 Finishing specializes in refinishing kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Littleton, CO. Contact us for a complimentary estimate, and we’ll be glad to show you what we can do. With our 25+ years of experience, we can turn maple into mahogany, oak into espresso, and more.

Our work is designed to make your cabinetry look brand new at an affordable price. There’s no limit to the number of custom colors we can do, and the right one can tie the design of a room together. Our gallery is proof that we can work wonders–all while taking care to keep your kitchen clean.


Kitchen Cabinets More Beautiful Than You Imagined

Because cabinet refinishing is all we do, you can be sure we’ve gotten good at it. That’s why we feel comfortable giving an estimate as soon as you get in touch. Our professionals can work with any cabinets in any space, giving them a makeover with whatever style or color you like. This makes for an easy investment in your home that has the potential to raise its resale value. Even better, you’ll love your cabinets so much more every time you use them.


Contact us for a free estimate on your job. We can work with any set of cabinets in Littleton, Colorado, or the nearby neighborhoods.



Location Littleton, CO Phone 303-875-7801 E-mail Hours Monday-Friday 7am-5pm Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday Closed
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